American Naturals Company [A.N.C.] is a Los Angeles based Dry Mix food Company that manufactures Organic, Gluten Free, Natural and/or GMO Free gourmet food mixes.

A.N.C. was formed to service our family of national brands as well as those of our Private Label partners.  By creating A.N.C. , we have taken control of our manufacturing, pricing and quality to ensure that our products remain competitive, as well as NATURAL, GOURMET and EASY-TO-PREPARE.

At A.N.C., we never compromise.  Indeed, both Taste and Quality are prominent in each of our products because we only use NATURAL ingredients.  We abstain from the use of corn syrups, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in order that the true taste of our ingredients will come through.

When we got into the food business some 10 years ago, we wanted to create great tasting food, that was also good for you.  Today, we remain committed to this goal by creating dishes that are fun, interesting, and full of flavor … in sum – Gourmet!

At A.N.C., we pride ourselves on the fact that our great-tasting mixes are always EASY-TO-PREPARE.  We also work hard at keeping the cooking times between 10 to 15 minutes on our stove-top products so that a home-cooked meal won’t take time away from your family and friends.

At A.N.C., we re-invented America’s favorite recipes, with only Natural Ingredients.  We did this, because we believe that Good Food Matters!